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AGF My Bottle Stick ONE-Mugi-cha Barley Tea 35pcs

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Specification: 2g×35 packs

Brand Territory: Japan

MY BOTTLE STICK is an eco-friendly beverage stick developed based on the concept of “ONE STICK,” “ONE SHAKE,” and “ONE DAY.” The spray-dried powdered form dissolves in a single swipe after closing the lid, and because it is instant, it can be carried and enjoyed all day long without the worry that it will gradually lose its flavor like tea bags or coffee bags. You can enjoy it all day long.


It is a caffeine-free barley tea (powdered tea) in a stick type for your bottles, which can be enjoyed both hot and cold. You can enjoy it to quench your thirst with a refreshing aftertaste.

Best Before


Barley tea, dextrin / fragrance, emulsifier

How To Use

1. Fill the bottle with cold or hot water. (Recommended amount: 10.1 fl oz (300 ml) to 11.8 fl oz (350 ml) per stick.
2. Close the lid of the bottle tightly and shake it to melt.

Warm Reminder

Products that have been opened will not be returned or exchanged; please consume them as soon as possible according to the expiration date. Thanks you!


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    AGF My Bottle Stick ONE-Mugi-cha Barley Tea 35pcs
    AGF My Bottle Stick ONE-Mugi-cha Barley Tea 35pcs
    AGF My Bottle Stick ONE-Mugi-cha Barley Tea 35pcs
    AGF My Bottle Stick ONE-Mugi-cha Barley Tea 35pcs