Aespa Winter's Makup Favorites|Get the Same Beauty Picks in LAMOUR

K-pop culture and its glamorous celebrities has undeniably left an indelible mark uninterruptedly on various facets of popular culture, including but not limited to the beauty and cosmetics industry. Inspired by the stunning looks of Aespa Winter, we've curated a list of Winter's favorite makeup products that will help you to achieve the same radiant and charming beautiful look. From dewy cushions to versatile eyeshadow palettes, discover LAMOUR's K-pop star picks and the must-have items to elevate your star-like makeup!


Why is Winter popular in aespa?

Winter, is a member and the visual of the already legendary K-pop girl group 'Aespa', also a charming singer in South Korea.
With her beautiful red hair, Winter is compared to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who captured the hearts of fans worldwide with her unique charm and undeniable talent and image. One of the reasons behind her popularity lies in her captivating stage presence and magnetic personality, but her distinctive makeup looks and fashion sense have also played a significant role in her popularity. Known for her ethereal beauty and flawless complexion, Winter often opts for soft and romantic makeup looks that accentuate her features while maintaining a youthful and fresh appearance. Her signature makeup style typically includes dewy skin, soft blush, and subtle eye makeup, complemented by glossy lips for a natural yet polished look.

Here, we round up 6 highlight makeup brands and products of Winter's look, worth checking out:

WAKEMAKE Water Velvet Cover Cushion

This cushion provides semi-matte makeup skin without clumping or cracking. The formula of the cushion is developed with 33 professional makeup artists to find their best picking timing and long-lasting foundation. It aims for flawless coverage that effectively conceals skin imperfections for a smooth semi-matte finish, which is the basic of Winter's makeup.


Espoir Real Eye Palette #5 Apricot Me

Representing the signature colour of 2024 pantone. This is a versatile eyeshadow palette that's perfect for daily use because the colors and textures provide will perfectly match with various looks for different occasions, like dating, party or wedding. Featuring a mix of warm-toned shades in matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes, this palette allows you to experiment with endless eye makeup looks inspired by Aespa Winter's signature style, which is soft, romantical and pretty.

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Colorgram Milk Bling Shadow

The charming bling eyes is the symbol of a Kpop stars. This product offers a shimmering, adhering and liquid shadow to the eyes' make-up. It is the must-have collection to the pearl and glitter lovers. The dazzling brilliance that gathers stars and shows off strong bling, that will make you stand out from the crowd, just like Aespa Winter. Giving you a special touch to daytime and nighttime makeup!

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3CE New Take Face Blusher 4 Types

To add a natural flush to your cheeks, try the 3CE New Blusher. The light and high-adhesion blending blush develops bright colors with thin layers, providing a soft, buildable color payoff that blends seamlessly into the skin for a natural-looking finish. Whether you prefer a girly pink or a mature nude colour, this blush palette offers endless possibilities for creating Aespa Winter-inspired makeup looks.

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INTO YOU Airy Lip & Cheek Mud W6

INTO YOU is another favourite lipstick brand of a Kpop star, (G)I-DLE, Yuqi. It is an affordable and impressive liquid lipstick apllied on your lips and cheeks for a natural and radiant everyday looks. It is super lightweight and comfortable wear, with a smooth and easy-to-blend texture that seamlessly melts into the lip. The long-lasting formula ensures staying for hours, without need of constant touch-ups. It delivers the perfect look and brilliant moments of Aespa, Winter!

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Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint 36

It is a cult-favorite lip product loved by Aespa Winter. Also the best original velvet tint for those who prefer long-lasting, strong, and soft matte velvety lips. The lightweight and velvety lip tint delivers rich, pigmented color with a soft, matte finish that lasts throughout the day. Whether you prefer a bold, statement lip or a subtle, natural look, this lip tint is a must-have for achieving Aespa Winter's signature lip look.

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Catch up the K-pop trend with Aespa, Winter!

Embrace with K-pop makeup and Aespa Winter's favorite makeup picks, available now at LAMOUR. From dewy cushions to versatile eyeshadow palettes and long-lasting lip tints, these must-have products will help you achieve the same radiant beauty as Aespa Winter. Let's shop now and get ready to have a trendy and glamourous K-pop style look!